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MOELLMANN CONSULTING is the competent partner for private equity firms. We are the optimizing interface to your corporate investments. Our task is to increase the return on your investments and to leverage the more rigid but sustainably profitable potential in the company‘s production and materials procurement area with the help of our professional production network in China.


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In the last 17 years of our activity in dealing with industrial customers, it has often been shown that yield potential is present in the company but difficult to increase sustainably. This has less to do with ideas, but is rather a matter of a lack of suitable means and methods of controlled implementation or risks to the operational processes that follow.

Services / Our approach

Our 5-Phase-Model

We focus on sensitivity, take responsibility and risk, and not only deliver concepts - but also the implementation with them.
We like to explain how we work with our "5-phase model".

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Your benefits

  • You receive what you entrust us with
  • We are involved from the beginning to the end of the project
  • We bear commercial risk during the implementation and do not leave the companies alone. Not even after implementation.

Managing Director

Bild Christian Precht

Christian Precht has been active in the Chinese business for more than 25 years, 17 years thererof as managing partner of an industrial parts and component manufacturing company with production facilities in China.

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our production


Moellmann Industries found its way to the Far East more than 25 years ago as one of the first German hardware suppliers. The advantages in the sense of European industrial customers were made manageable by purposeful development of own structures and own local companies.

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