Our services


MOELLMANN CONSULTING is the competent partner for private equity firms. We are the optimizing interface to your corporate investments. Our task is to increase the return on your investments and to leverage the more rigid but sustainably profitable potential in the company‘s production and materials procurement area with the help of our professional production network in China. With us, you are pointing the way to the future.


Our approach

Our 5-Phase-Model – increase the yield


Phase 1:

Information and analysis
We define the project and framework conditions together with you and discuss the company data. Confidentiality and diligence go without saying. We collect all relevant information here and agree all further proceedings with you.


Phase 2:

A realistic picture only emerges from the overall view. For this reason, we take the time to recognize the situation at the company‘s premises after the management has been informed. In line with our sensitivity, we always act as a “partner” of the company and not as a “consultant”. In this phase, we also record information and impressions that are not in the balance sheets. Finally, the results will be discussed with you.


Phase 3:

Target setting and timing
After completing the first two phases, together we will define the realistic yield target, the timing and time periods for which this is to apply. You will already receive initial assessments of opportunities and risks.


Phase 4:

Detailed targets and implementation planning
In a target breakdown, the global targets are scaled down together with the company to relevant cost objects (especially in production and procurement). With the appropriate departments and Moellmann Industries, the manufacturing branch of our company including the production network in China, the individual options and their detailed implementations are planned.


Phase 5:

Implementation and target realization
Phase 5 is the most important part of the program. Together with the specialists from Moellmann Industries in Germany and the manufacturing facilities in China, the individual optimizations are now being implemented step by step. The previously planned cost reductions in the areas of procurement and production are achieved with minimal replacement investments without any risk. Moellmann Industries becomes the long-term manufacturing partner and takes over the risks, financing and long-term availability of the optimized products, thereby continuously ensuring quality. The targets will be fully achieved!


Our results have been proven by many awards and company evaluations and are also currently verifiable. We will be happy to show you supporting documents on request. Your confidence in our possibilities means a lot to us. It is the basis of our success. Not least because of this background, MOELLMANN CONSULTING always takes over the implementation of the developed concepts and does not back out or leave you alone with it.

The basic principle of our work is that we work together and win together. We are convinced that we can only be credible if we are prepared to take commercial and technical risks ourselves. That‘s why MOELLMANN CONSULTING not only offers concepts, but also the implementation of them.